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Event, festival or convention manager

What are the essential qualities and skills for becoming a good manager in the field of event services? What training is required? What level of experience is required for this type of position? The ITHQ provides you with all the details you need to know about this occupation. 

Duties of the event manager 

  • Plan, organize, direct and control all event-related activities (conventions, parties and festivals, trade shows, cultural or sporting events, etc.)
  • Determine programming and logistics  
  • Carry out promotional and public relations activities
  • Implement financing and sponsorship strategies 
  • Manage human resources
  • Manage material and financial resources
  • Ensure the safety and satisfaction of customers and participants  

Qualities of an event or convention manager

  • I enjoy being in contact with customers, anticipating their needs and creating pleasant experiences. 
  • I’m a good team leader and a good communicator.
  • I have a strong sense of initiative and leadership.
  • I’m versatile and resourceful.  
  • I’m thorough and organized. 
  • I’m comfortable with numbers. 
  • I’m creative and on the lookout for new trends. 
  • I have an excellent network of contacts. 
  • I have a good capacity to handle stress.
  • I like to be in action and work as part of a team. 

Required experience and training

  • You need at least 5 years’ experience in a coordinating role before becoming an event, festival or convention manager. 
  • Some organizations require a university degree for management positions. 
  • The number of years of experience required may vary depending on the type of establishment in which you work.