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Support service for the integration of digital technologies in the restaurant industry

As part of the Québec government’s Offensive de transformation numérique, the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie (MEIE) has worked collaboratively with the ITHQ to offer a training and support service to Québec restaurateurs to help them integrate new digital technologies into their work environment.

Who may benefit?  

  • Restaurant, hotel or bar owners and managers 
  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders
  • Executive chefs and kitchen chefs 
  • Maîtres d’hôtel
  • Sommeliers

What is our service offering?

The ITHQ offers 4 types de services to restaurateurs who wish to find out about new technological solutions and integrate them in their business.

  1. Customized support service
  2. Online training courses
  3. Technology showcase
  4. Restaurant services technology solutions directory (available in Summer 2024)

1. Customized support service

Would you like to receive help from qualified professionals to facilitate your digital shift and integrate new technologies in your business practices? 

The ITHQ offers a customized support service for restaurateurs. This support service, which is offered in collaboration with Mon commerce en ligne, was developed by restaurant management and digital transformation specialists. It provides 14 hours of support, including: 

  • An assessment of your business.
  • An action plan tailored to your needs and focussed on proposals for innovative solutions.
  • Access to over 100 hours of online training capsules.
  • Access to a support platform where you can consult your documents and easily manage your appointments with tech support agents.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer for just $500 (estimated value $7,500). This support is made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie (MEIE). 

One word to sum up the support offered by the ITHQ? Stimulating. Working with experts is an antidote to isolation and administers a  steady feed of fresh knowledge. It broadens our horizons and inspires us to take our business in new directions.

Éric Blais

Chef owner
Restaurant Patate et Persil 

2. Online training courses

The ITHQ gives you free access to more than 100 hours of online training capsules. These training sessions will enable you to get acquainted with the new technologies available on the market so that you can target those that best suit your business needs.    

3. Technology showcase

Going digital in your restaurant does sound appealing! But what exactly does this involve? The ITHQ has put this digital approach to the test by integrating innovative Québec technologies into its own restaurant, the Restaurant de l’ITHQ.  

This new “technology showcase” will give you a concrete idea of how new technologies can be used to facilitate your operations. Furthermore, thanks to the experience acquired by our professionals, we can provide you with valuable knowledge on not only the advantages and the challenges, but also the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to implementing new technologies in a restaurant.   

4. Restaurant services technology solutions directory

In partnership with the MT Lab, the ITHQ offers a free directory of innovative solutions for the restaurant industry. 

Whether it is for managing reservations, online orders, human resources or inventory, this catalogue will allow you to discover a wide range of applications and digital programs designed to facilitate the management of all aspects of your business. 

(Coming in Summer 2024)

Info service
What are the benefits of going digital for your business? (in French only)

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