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Conseil de la recherche


The mandate of the Conseil de la recherche is to ensure the quality and development of the ITHQ’s research activities.

Scope of action 

The council makes recommendations to the ITHQ directorates and general director’s office on the following subjects: 

Institutional directions:

  • Positioning, development and quality of research 
  • Development of research partnerships
  • Update of the institutional research strategy (in French only)
  • Approval and monitoring of the research action plan

Operational aspects: 

  • Facilities and equipment
  • Policies and procedures
  • Research budgets
  • Regulations compliance 
  • Transmission of knowledge within the ITHQ


Marie-Claire Louillet

Teaching member

Guillaume Sparks-Beaulé

Teaching member

Véronique Perreault

Co-Director, GastronomiQc Lab

Julie Côté

Director, ExperiSens

Nicolas Truchon

Laboratory Technician

Catherine Pelletier

Student member

Mélanie Bergeron

Director, Centre d'expertise de l'ITHQ

Ivan Luciano Avaca

Research Advisor (Chair and non-voting member)

Documentation (in French only)


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