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International outreach

The ITHQ's reputation goes far beyond the borders of Québec

Thanks to partnerships with the world’s leading institutions, our school plays an active role in promoting Québec know-how abroad. These exchanges enhance our expertise, enrich the experience of our students and contribute to positioning the ITHQ as a world leader in hospitality training.

Students from all over

Each year, the ITHQ welcomes about 100 international students from some 20 countries, including France, Tunisia, Colombia, South Korea and the Ivory Coast. Since 2021, the ITHQ also receives students from Asia who have chosen our school to train in professional cooking. 

A powerful network 

In addition to partnerships with the world’s most renowned hotel groups, the ITHQ is a founding member of the Hotel Schools of Distinction network, which includes some of the best hotel schools in the world.

Internships around of the world

Internships are an integral part of the ITHQ’s programs. Each year, some 700 internships are carried out by students in nearly 25 countries, mainly in Canada, the United States, Mexico, France, Switzerland and the Caribbean. 

High level academic challenges

ITHQ students have the opportunity to participate in numerous international competitions, including the Young Hotelier Summit in Lausanne and the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge in Amsterdam. Since 2020, the ITHQ is also the organizer of the Most Talented Leaders Hospitality Challenge (MTLHC), a 100% student only competition that brings together young hospitality leaders from around the world.

Brilliant international careers

Several ITHQ graduates are garnering international honours, including Pier-Alexis Soulière, named Best Sommelier of the Americas in 2018, Jessica Rosval, named Best Chef in Italy by L’Espresso magazine in 2021, and Lukas Vallée Valletta, a finalist at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2019. 

Others have successful careers abroad, such as Danny James Perrier, lodging manager at the Maison PIC in Valencia, and Christina Poon, general director of the W Hotel New York Union Square.

Expertise sought after abroad

Through partnerships and cooperative agreements, our faculty members provide support and guidance to optimize tourism, hospitality and food service training in various countries. As an example, the ITHQ has been conducting a cooperative pilot project with Cuba’s Department of Tourism since 2017 to raise the level of teaching and integrate practical skills into the cooking programs of 5 hotel schools on the island. 

Teachers are also involved in professional and pedagogical development projects with their counterparts in Brazil, China, Spain and Belgium.

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