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About the Ateliers SAQ par ITHQ

Finding your way around the world of wines and spirits

Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, the Ateliers SAQ par ITHQ will open the doors to this fascinating universe for you.

ITHQ and SAQ: a successful pairing

The SAQ and the ITHQ have always had many things in common, starting with their mission: to help Quebecers discover the pleasure of good food and drink. Thus, it was only natural that, in 2015, the SAQ turned to our hotel school to enhance its training offerings. 

From this collaboration were born the Ateliers SAQ par ITHQ, a range of training courses for the general public on wines, spirits and the pleasures of food. Since then, more than 30 000 amateurs and enthusiasts have been trained by our experts.

What awaits you

Wine and spirits courses

Our wine and spirits courses are offered by accredited experts in several major cities across the province and will help you better choose, understand and enjoy what you drink.

Wine and food workshops

Our wine and food workshops are led by a chef and a sommelier and are available in two formats: cooking workshops, where you get to participate, and tasting workshops, where you watch the chef create recipes.

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