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Consulting service

The ITHQ turns your challenges into successes

Whether your organization is at the creation stage or has been in existence for many years, our team has applicable knowledge about your issues and can quickly adapt to your reality. With our consulting service, you will benefit from all of the ITHQ’s expertise in a customized service and personalized support.

Our fields of activity



Restaurant services

Food services

Customer experience

Establishments and institutions

Nos services

  • Support in digital transformation
  • Support in local food sourcing
  • Support in implementing new management tools
  • Audit of your facilities
  • Business start-up
  • Organizational diagnostics
  • Customer experience studies and analysis
  • Gastronomy and culinary innovation studies and analysis
  • Standardized and customized training courses
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Work process optimization
  • Support in products or services improvement

Why call on us?

Already well aware of your realities and issues, our experts can quickly get to the heart of the matter to help you find solutions adapted to the challenges you face. Post-pandemic reliance, recruitment and retention issues, price increases… our team will propose solutions that address all of your concerns.

In addition to its 200 instructors and trainers specialized in tourism, hospitality or restaurant services, our huge network allows us to find the expertise and solutions for each situation, even the most complex.

Each company is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to address all situations. That’s why our team builds customized solutions that meet your reality in every respect.

Specializing in culinary innovation, gastronomy and customer experience, our research team puts the power of science and technology to work for your company.

When our experts start working with you, they explore all possible avenues to meet your needs. The solutions they propose are then adjusted to your reality, which give results that often exceed expectations.

Whether SMEs or large organizations, our team makes no distinction of size when it comes to getting involved in a project. Our experts put as much energy into finding targeted solutions for specific challenges as they do into designing large-scale strategies.

They trust us

The ITHQ’s hospitality consulting centre team members quickly understood our reality and proposed a very reassuring game plan. Their understanding and pragmatic approach as well as the fluidity of our discussions contributed to the realization of our project with great confidence and optimism.

Guillaume D’Amours

Student Activities and Educational Success Director
Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne

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