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Bar attendant

What are the essential qualities and skills to work in the bar service field? Is training necessary? What level of experience is required for this type of position? The ITHQ provides you with all the details you need to know about this occupation. 

Duties of a bar attendant 

  • Handle the mise en place of the bar and prepares ingredients  
  • Greet and serve customers
  • Prepare and serve drinks (cocktails, wine, beer, coffee, etc.)
  • Ensure that customers are satisfied and have a pleasant experience 
  • Manage invoicing, inventory and orders
  • May work in a bar, restaurant, hotel, cruise ship, resort or event environment  

Qualities of a bar attendant 

  • I’m passionate about the world of wines and spirits.
  • I enjoy being in contact with customers, anticipating their needs and creating pleasant experiences. 
  • I adapt well to all kinds of situations and a good capacity to handle stress. 
  • I’m a good listener.  
  • I express myself well and have an excellent memory.
  • I’m thorough and organized. 
  • I like to be in action and work as part of a team. 
  • I have good physical stamina.
  • I’m not afraid of atypical working hours.

Required experience and training

  • You could work part-time in this type of position during your studies or internships. 
  • Training is not a prerequisite for certain positions in this sector. However, the types of training offered at the ITHQ will help you get better jobs opportunities and progress in your career faster.