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Maître d’hôtel

What are the essential qualities and skills for becoming a good maîtres d’hôtel? Is training necessary? What level of experience is required to work as a maître d’hôtel? The ITHQ provides you with all the details you need to know about this occupation. 

Duties of a maître d’hôtel

  • Coordinate all dining room activities
  • Ensure that service meets customer expectations and requirements
  • Supervise front-of-house staff and assist management with management, logistics and communication tasks

Qualities of a maître d’hôtel

  • I’m passionate about the world of gastronomy, wines and spirits. 
  • I enjoy being in contact with customers, anticipating their needs and creating pleasant experiences. 
  • I’m a good team leader and a good communicator.
  • I’m thorough and organized. 
  • I have good interpersonal and listening skills.  
  • I like to be in action and work as part of a team. 
  • I have a strong sense of initiative and leadership.
  • I have a good capacity to handle stress.
  • I’m not afraid of atypical working hours.

Required experience and training

  • You need 2 to 5 years’ experience in restaurant services before becoming a maître d’hôtel. 
  • The number of years of experience required may vary depending on the type of establishment in which you work.