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About us

As an expert in its field for over 50 years now, the ITHQ is Canada’s leading hotel management school specializing in tourism, hospitality, food service and sommelier training. All under one roof, it offers vocational (secondary level), technical (college level), advanced and university-level programs, as well as continuing education. The ITHQ also has a teaching hotel, a two teaching restaurants, an expertise centre and a gastronomy research centre. 

In order to have its programs meet employer needs and reflect labour market realities, the ITHQ works closely with the industry and the organizations that represent it. Its study programs exceed government requirements and are aligned with international quality standards. This provides its graduates with advanced skills enabling them to work in any type of establishment, in Québec and around the world.

Regular programs

Unique in Québec, the ITHQ Signature programs have recognized added value on the labour market. The ITHQ programs stand out for their advanced features:

  • Enriched and innovative programs with a global view 
  • International professional mobility
  • Skills-based approach
  • Work-study format
  • Mandatory internships or co-op work each term
  • Experienced professors abreast of the industry
  • Diplomas that are sought-after by employers

Continuing education

Whatever your field, be it tourism, hospitality or food service, it is important to keep your skills updated in order to be able to advance in your career. To this end, the ITHQ has developed a range of continuing education programs for professionals in the industry. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Flexible schedules adapted to the atypical availability common to individuals working in the tourism, hospitality and food service industries
  • Course content that meets the needs of the market and evolves in concert with the sector
  • Training focused on valuing the profession

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