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Research Unit

Research Interests

  • Sustainable food processing systems
  • Emerging products reclamation
  • New restaurant services practices
  • Sensory properties of foods
  • Culinary functionality 
  • Collaborative innovation


Having worked at the ITHQ for nearly 20 years, Véronique Perreault has greatly contributed to the development of the research sector within the institution. Her work is anchored in a sustainable food perspective and is guided by a desire to highlight emerging or little-known local culinary know-how and food products.

Véronique Perreault specializes in the study of the physical and chemical aspects of foods and of the processing that governs their sensory qualities (texture and aroma release) and functionality. Her work is also based on approaches of sensory characterization of foods in a perspective of culinary uses and on approaches in situ related to the appreciation of products in a restaurant services context.

Specialized in food science (Ph. D. and M. Sc.), she also has degrees in nutrition (B.Sc.) and restaurant services management. This complementary background naturally leads her to interdisciplinary projects related to innovation and the changing practices surrounding food processing in restaurants.

As an associate professor in the Department of Food Science at Université Laval, she regularly acts as a research co-supervisor for master’s and doctoral students.

Current research projects

  • Improving food eco-efficiency in Canadian food services: conceptualizing meals with low greenhouse gas emissions, reduced waste and balanced nutritional quality (Lead researcher : Mikhaylin, S.)
  • Better local food systems for indigenous communities through collaborative research to support food production and processing by and with the community (Lead researcher : Turgeon, S. L.)
  • Innovation collaborative en restauration: vers une offre de produits alimentaires locaux attractive, différenciée et profitable (Lead researcher: Perreault, V.)
  • Étude des relations entre la composition et la structure de purées de légumineuses et leur fonctionnalité en systèmes modèles (projet doctoral de Guillaume Morin/boursier de la Fondation de l’ITHQ)
  • Caractérisation sensorielle de macroalgues du Québec par l’implication de cuisiniers professionnels (Lead researcher : Perreault, V.)
  • Développement de la capacité de recherche par évaluation sensorielle en contexte réel en tourisme, hôtellerie et restauration – THR (ITHQ) – Development of a research data collection platform in a commercial restaurant services context
  • Caractérisation sensorielle des champignons forestiers du Québec dans une perspective d’usage culinaire (Lead researcher : Perreault, V.)
  • Nouveaux ingrédients mixtes végétaux pour réduire la matière grasse des aliments (Lead researcher : Turgeon, S. L.)


Peer-reviewed publications

Lévesque, J., Perreault, V. et Mikhaylin, S. (2023, soumis). Food waste environmental impact assessment as leverage to better guide restaurants toward improving their sustainability. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science

Lévesque, J., Godin, L., Perreault, V. et Mikhaylin, S. (2022, soumis). Identifying the factors affecting the implementation of food waste reduction strategies in independent restaurants: moving towards ecoefficiency. International Journal of Hospitality Management

Lévesque, J., Perreault, V., Bazinet, L. et Mikhaylin, S. (2022). Food waste in a hotel foodservice: A case study identifying hot spots and strategies to prioritize towards a reduction. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 30

Lafeuille, B., Francezon, N., Goulet, C., Perreault, V., Turgeon, S. L. et Beaulieu, L. (2022). Impact of temperature and cooking time on the physicochemical properties and sensory potential of seaweed water extracts of Palmaria palmata and Saccharina longicruris. Journal of Applied Phycology, 34: 1731-1747.

Dion-Poulin, A., Turcotte, M., Lee-Blouin, S., Perreault, V., Provencher, V., Doyen, A. et Turgeon, S. L. (2021). Acceptability of insect ingredients by innovative student chefs: An exploratory study. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science,

Perreault, V. (2017). Contribution à la compréhension de la fonctionnalité des protéines du lactosérum dénaturées dans la matrice fromagère. Doctorate dissertation in Food Science (Ph. D.), Université Laval, Québec, 2017, 132 pp.

Perreault, V., Rémillard, N., Chabot, D., Morin, P., Pouliot, Y. et Britten, M. (2017). Effect of denatured whey protein concentrate and its fractions on cheese composition and rheological properties. Journal of Dairy Science, 100, 5139-5152.

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Perreault, V., Britten, M., Turgeon, S., Seuvre A.-M., Cayot, P. et Voilley, A. (2010). Effects of heat treatment and acid induced gelation on aroma release from flavoured skim milk. Food Chemistry, 118 (1), 90-95.

Giroux, H., Perreault, V. et Britten, M. (2007). Characterization of hydrophobic flavor release profile in oil-in-water emulsions. Journal of Food Science, 72 (2), S125-S129.

Perreault, V. (2007). Effet de la composition et de la structure des matrices alimentaires élaborées à partir de protéines laitières (émulsions, gels) sur la libération d’arôme. Master’s thesis in Food Science and Technology (M. Sc.), Université Laval, Québec, 105 p.

Books and book chapters

Rioux, L.-È., Perreault, V. et Turgeon, S.L. (2019). Textural characteristics of Canadian foods; influences and properties of poutine cheese and maple products. Dans Textural characteristics of world foods, Wiley, pp 37-51.

Bouvier, L. & Perreault, V. (2009). Applications des sciences en cuisine. Montréal: Chenelière Éducation, 174 p. (educational work)

Collaboration with Diane Leclair Bisson’s project (2009): Comestible, l’aliment comme matériau. Montréal: les éditions du passage, 114 p.


Morin, G., Perreault, V., Savoie, J., Feroussier, A. et Turgeon, S. L. (2023). Yellow pea and black Beluga lentils purees: novel ingredients to modulate the texture of pound cake. Affiche scientifique, Green Food Tech/Rendez-vous international du GastronomiQc Lab, Montréal, 18 mai 2023.

Boumail, A., Girard, F., Tanaka, K., Frøst, M. B., Turgeon, S. L. & Perreault, V. (2022). Caractérisation sensorielle d’extraits de conifères dans une perspective d’usage culinaire. Scientific poster, ACFAS Conference (online), Québec City, May 12, 13, 2022.

Feroussier, A., Morin, G., Couture, R., Perreault, V., & Turgeon, S. L. (2021). Dynamic rheological properties of red lentil puree particle networks based on their composition, concentration, and particle size. Scientific poster, 4th Food Structure and Functionality Symposium (online) – Food structures for a sustainable world, October 19-20, 2021.

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