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Research unit

Research interests

  • New technologies, including immersion technologies, robots, artificial intelligence, artificial conversational entities (chatbots), and digital twins
  • Customer and user experience
  • Data monetization and analysis


Quentin Sellier holds a PhD in economics and management from UCLouvain (Belgium). During this academic project, he studied the impact of immersive technologies on the customer and user experience. He has conducted numerous research projects using multiple methodologies and analysis methods (interviews, statistics, eye tracking, biometrics, machine learning, etc.), collaborated with prestigious institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and published his work in several renowned scientific journals.

Prior to this, Quentin graduated with great distinction from the Louvain School of Management (Belgium) with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Business Analysis. He also spent an exchange semester at one of Japan’s top business schools, working as a data analyst. 

He is currently a research professional at ExperiSens, the ITHQ’s CCTT. At the same time, he teaches the Digital Asset Monetization course at HEC Montréal, where he guides undergraduates in the evaluation and valorization of data within organizations.

Current research projects

  • Assessment and optimization of both customer reception and the customer journey in specific businesses.
  • Audit and improvement of data evaluation, monetization and analysis practices for businesses operating in the tourism, hotel and restaurant services industry.
  • Development of evaluation surveys for assessing the alignment of tourism students’ training with labour market expectations.


Scientific journal articles (peer-reviewed)

  • Sellier, Quentin; Sluÿters, Arthur; Vanderdonckt, Jean; Poncin, Ingrid. Evaluating Gesture User Interfaces: Quantitative Measures, Qualitative Scales, and Method. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Vol. 185 (2024). doi:10.1016/j.ijhcs.2024.103242
  • Sluÿters, Arthur; Sellier, Quentin; Vanderdonckt, Jean; Parthiban, Vik; Maes, Pattie. Consistent, Continuous, and Customizable Mid-Air Gesture Interaction for Browsing Multimedia Objects on Large Displays. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, Vol. 38, no.15, p. 32 (2022). doi:10.1080/10447318.2022.2078464.

Scientific conference papers (peer-reviewed and published in proceedings)

  • Sellier, Quentin; Racat, Margot; Poncin, Ingrid. Understanding the Role of Sensory-Enabling Technologies in the Reinforcement of Consumers’ Natural Experience: An Abstract. Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress (AMSWMC) (Canterbury, United Kingdom, July 11-14, 2023)
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vanderdonckt, Jean. Using gestural interaction technologies to provide a richer and more immersive consumer experience: triangulation of self-reported scales and electroencephalographic data. European Marketing Academy Annual Conference (EMAC) (Odense, Denmark, May 23-26, 2023)
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vanderdonckt, Jean. Exploration of the Impact of 3D Gestural Interaction on the Customer Experience. 28th International Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Science (Baveno, Italy, July 23-26, 2022)
  • Parthiban, Vik; Maes, Pattie; Sellier, Quentin; Sluÿters, Arthur; Vanderdonckt, Jean. Gestural-Vocal Coordinated Interaction on Large Displays. ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS ’22) (Sophia Antipolis, France, June 21-24, 2022). doi:10.1145/3531706.3536457
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vanderdonckt, Jean. Using Gestural Interaction Technology to Improve the Consumer Experience: An Abstract. 2022 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (AMS ) (Monterey, CA, USA, May 25-27, 2022)
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vanderdonckt, Jean. User, Customer and Consumer Experience: Highlighting the Heterogeneity in the Literature. 16th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications – Volume 2: HUCAPP (Vienna, Austria, February 8-10, 2021). doi:10.5220/0010316202290236

Peer-reviewed university pre-articles

  • Sellier, Quentin; Sluÿters, Arthur; Vanderdonckt, Jean; Poncin, Ingrid. Definition and application of a method for evaluating the gestural interaction experience (LouRIM Working Paper Series; 2023/10)
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vande Kerckhove, Corentin; Vanderdonckt, Jean. Evaluating the experience when interacting with immersive technologies: triangulation of EEG data and self-reported measures (LouRIM Working Paper Series; 2023/01)
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vanderdonckt, Jean. Creation and Validation of a Model to Understand the Impact of Gestural Interaction Technology on the Customer Experience (LouRIM Working Paper Series; 2022/16)
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vanderdonckt, Jean. The Role of Affective Consumer Responses in the Understanding of the Gestural Interaction Experience (LouRIM Working Paper Series; 2021/12)
  • Sellier, Quentin; Poncin, Ingrid; Vanderdonckt, Jean. User, customer and consumer experience: A multidisciplinary systematic literature review (LouRIM Working Paper Series; 2020/10)

Doctoral thesis: Sellier, Quentin. Exploring the impact of gestural interaction technologies on the experience: a marketing and HCI perspective (2023), UCLouvain

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