Board of Directors

In consultation with management and team members, the Board of Directors defines the ITHQ’s strategic orientations. It is responsible for establishing and enforcing the various policies that will allow the organization to thrive and accomplish its primary mission as a training centre of excellence.

Rules of governance and operation

The members of the Board of Directors are subject to the Act respecting the ministère du Conseil exécutif and to the Regulation respecting the ethics and professional conduct of public office holders as well as to the specific Code adopted by resolution of the ITHQ Board of Directors.

The Code of Ethics applicable to the directors of the ITHQ specifies the values, principles and rules that govern their behaviour as directors. By respecting this code, they commit to serving the ITHQ with honesty, loyalty, prudence, diligence and impartiality.

In accordance with government policy and best practices in corporate governance, the Board of Directors has several clearly defined responsibilities.

The Chairperson of the Board of Directors is primarily responsible for the governance of the Board of Directors and for ensuring the autonomy of the Board.

The General Director is responsible for the management of the ITHQ.

The government appoints the General Director for a term of up to five years and establishes their compensation, benefits and other working conditions.

It should be noted that no senior jobholder at the ITHQ receives a performance bonus, in accordance with the Regulation respecting the remuneration and other working conditions of full-time senior staff.

The ITHQ Board of Directors recognizes that assessment is an important component of good corporate governance. As it enables the observation of the decision process with a view to continuous improvement. As such, the Board of Directors has adopted and implemented a process and criteria for the periodic assessment of the Board of Directors, its Chair and its committees.

Board of Directors committees

The Comité d’audit et de vérification—whose primary role is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities for overseeing the financial reporting process—is composed of one Board Member and two external members.

Composed of three Board Members, the main role of the Comité de gouvernance et d’éthique is to recommend to the Board of Directors principles, rules and practices that promote management that meets rigorous criteria of transparency, fairness and responsibility.

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