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Naming and customizing a classroom

Naming and customizing a classroom or lab is a concrete way to connect with the ITHQ community while boosting your business’ visibility.

Project description

Contribution of the partner business

The partner business commits to paying $50,000 over five years, at a rate of $10,000 per year. 

Visibility granted by the Fondation de l’ITHQ

  • Mention of the partner on the Fondation de l’ITHQ website (Donors section)
  • Partner’s name on the donor wall located in the Hall des bâtisseurs of the ITHQ (main entrance hall on rue Saint-Denis)
  • Mention of the partner in the Fondation de l’ITHQ annual review (sent to 10 000 people)
  • Annual presentation of the Fondation de l’ITHQ major donors (Gold and Silver categories) in the ITHQ newsletter (sent to 30 000 people)
  • Member of the ITHQ Cercle des ambassadeurs 
  • Invitation to an annual recognition activity for members of the ITHQ Cercle des ambassadeurs
  • Designation of a space at the ITHQ for a 5 year period

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