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The mandate of the Commission des études universitaires (CÉU) is to ensure the quality of the ITHQ’s university programs.

Scope of action

The Commission makes recommendations to the ITHQ General Director’s office on the following subjects: 

  • Basic school regulation (including university policies and regulations and the academic calendar)
  • Rules and regulations for programs
  • The ITHQ’s university programs
  • Evaluation of teaching at university level
  • Certification of completion of university programs, in collaboration with the registrar’s office
  • School calendar

The Commission makes recommendations about the practices in force related to the basic school regulation for each program, from admission to graduation. 

  • Admission requirements
  • Consistency between educational activities and program objectives
  • Corporate activities 
  • Promotion rules


  • Robert Laporte, teaching member
  • Jean-Charles Marin, teaching member
  • Cynthia Lapointe, teaching member
  • Hélène Gasc, management  member
  • Victoria Najera-Huot, student member
  • Sylvie de Grosbois, former Vice-Rector for Academic and Research at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (Chair and non-voting member)


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