A responsible approach to serving alcoholic beverages

“Greeting customers means serving them, and serving them means meeting their needs, offering them a range of services, making sure they feel at ease, protecting their health and ensuring their safety and lastly, respecting their rights, whether they consume alcohol or not”

James, Peters, Responsible Beverage Service Council

  • For whom?

    Éduc’alcool and the Institut du tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) offer Service in Action, a training program designed for:

    • owners and managers of bars, pubs, tavern and restaurants;
    • serving staff in bars, pubs, tavern and restaurants;
    • anyone working in an establishment with a liquor permit.
  • Why?

    Service in acvtion is a training program designed to:

    • help you serve your customers better and improve the atmosphere in your establishment;
    • help you assume your professional responsibility;
    • teach you about responsible beverage service;
    • help you avoid lawsuits, permit suspensions and closing of your establishment;
    • prevent accidents and violence caused by inebriated individuals;
    • save lives, and also save your business or your job.
  • How?

    Program Objectives

    • To inform participants about their legal and other obligations to their clients.
    • To inform participants about the effects of drinking on driving, on violence in drinking establishments, and on conjugal violence.
    • To teach participants how to detect the signs of inebriation.
    • To provide participants with tools that can help them keep their customers from becoming inebriated.