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Embark on an exhilarating journey at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort on Vancouver Island’s West Coast! Join our vibrant team as a Room Attendant, crafting impeccable guest suites. Revel in a stunning environment, great pay, and easy access to the Pacific Ocean and the temperate rainforest. Your adventure begins now!


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Join an exciting journey at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort on Vancouver Island's stunning West Coast in Ucluelet, BC. As a part of our team, you'll discover more than just a job – we offer an unforgettable adventure complete with staff accommodation, a vibrant team environment, competitive wages, and access to outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking.

At the heart of our resort experience, Room Attendants play a pivotal role in crafting a warm and inviting atmosphere for our guests. Imagine turning guest suites into idyllic havens that resemble the postcard-perfect escapes we all yearn for during vacations. Your dedication to keeping spaces neat, sanitized, and meticulously organized will make these dreams a reality.
Finding satisfaction and tranquility in completing a checklist? This role is tailor-made for you. At the end of each day, you'll relish in the accomplishment of achieving your goals, fostering a sense of fulfillment that comes with a job well done.
Embrace an active lifestyle as you engage in various physical tasks – from walking and lifting to pushing and bending. This dynamic position keeps you on the move, ensuring a healthy and energizing work routine that aligns with your vitality.
While you'll have the independence to excel on your own, rest assured that a supportive and enthusiastic team stands by your side. Together, we create an environment that's not only productive but also enjoyable, making every day a delightful experience.
As stewards of the environment, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our cleaning products, provided by Mint Cleaning, are locally made and free of toxins, reflecting our dedication to both our guests' well-being and the health of our planet. We've partnered with Oneka to offer refillable natural care products, further emphasizing our mission to minimize our ecological footprint.
As you embark on this adventure, we provide you with a comfortable and practical uniform – a washable set of black scrubs. You'll need to bring your own comfortable, clean black shoes to complement the attire.
While enthusiasm and dedication are paramount, candidates should be capable of lifting up to 50 lbs, demonstrating a keen eye for detail, and effectively managing tasks within deadlines. Effective communication in English is also essential to ensure coordination with colleagues.
Elevate your career with us at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort. Unleash your potential as you immerse yourself in an exciting role that blends work with passion, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the West Coast.
Your adventure starts now.

Please apply online at:
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Description de l'entreprise

Calling all trailblazers and nature enthusiasts – your dream job awaits at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort in picturesque Ucluelet, BC. Nestled along the enchanting West Coast close to the Pacific Rim National Park, in the heart of Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ – Ucluelet First Nation traditional territory, our resort isn't just a workplace; it's a gateway to an unforgettable journey.
Imagine stepping out of your workplace and into the embrace of the great outdoors. With the Pacific Rim National Park as your neighbor, your breaks could be spent exploring ancient rainforests, photographing orcas from a zodiac, and hiking trails that lead to breathtaking vistas. At Black Rock, we're not just a resort – we're an adventure hub!
Join a team that's not just talk – we're recognized by the Green Key Eco-Rating program for our dedication to environmental management and corporate social responsibility. We take our commitment to sustainability seriously, from our locally sourced ingredients that grace our inspired and seasonal menus to our use of Mint Cleaning products that keep our spaces and planet gleaming.
But that's not all – we offer shared staff accommodation, making it easier for you to dive headfirst into this career opportunity and forge connections with fellow adventurers.
At Black Rock, we're more than a resort – we're a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for both exceptional guest experiences and embracing the wonders of nature. If you're ready to make a splash in the hospitality industry while soaking in the breathtaking beauty of the West Coast, it's time to embark on this exciting journey with us.
Discover your potential, unleash your creativity, and be part of something truly special. At Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, a world of adventure and fulfillment awaits – are you ready to dive in?

Profil requis

This is an ideal role for people that:
• Take pride in keeping things neat, sanitized, and organized – you will transform guest suites into that picture-perfect space we all dream about checking into while on vacation,
• Gain a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind by completing a checklist – at the end of every day, you’ll have accomplished everything you set out to do,
• Enjoy staying active – this position will keep your body moving, including walking, lifting, pushing, wiping, etc, and
• Work independently with the support of a fun-loving team.Candidates must be able to lift up to 50 lbs, have an eye for detail and be able to work to a deadline. Basic English language communication skills required.
We are looking for Hotel Management students and will provide all training.


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Salaire horaire : $19.50

Pourboire : Sans pourboires


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Coût mensuel approximative : $570

Type de chambre : Partagée

Distance entre le logement et le lieu de stage : 0-1km

Informations complémentaires : Nestled along the rugged West Coast of Vancouver Island, Ucluelet is a captivating destination that captivates with its natural splendor and serene ambiance. This coastal haven is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility in an unspoiled environment. Ucluelet's pristine beaches, including the renowned Long Beach, provide opportunities for leisurely strolls and awe-inspiring sunsets that illuminate the horizon. Embraced by lush rainforests and bordered by the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Ucluelet unveils a playground for hikers, nature aficionados, and wildlife admirers. Trails wind through ancient woodlands, leading to dramatic coastal viewpoints that leave an indelible mark on visitors' memories. The Wild Pacific Trail, a highlight of the region, offers a mesmerizing journey along rugged shorelines and secluded inlets, providing chances to spot marine life and savor serene moments. Ucluelet exudes a strong sense of community, emphasizing the preservation of its natural treasures and a sustainable way of life. The village's charming streets are adorned with independent boutiques, art galleries, and family-owned shops, radiating an inviting atmosphere. Mom and pop gift shops and galleries showcase local craftsmanship and unique treasures, making each visit a delightful exploration of creativity. A sojourn in Ucluelet invites you to immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, engage in recreational pursuits, and embrace the warm embrace of a close-knit community. Whether it's discovering hidden coves, embracing the coastal serenity, or indulging in the creations of local artisans, Ucluelet offers a serene coastal escape that soothes the soul and renews the spirit. Shared staff accommodation is on site or within easy walking distance of Black Rock Oceanfront Resort.

Commodités : All shared staff accom units have access to kitchen and laundry facilities.

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