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As an In Room Dining Server at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler, you would be required to serve guest needs by providing exceptional knowledge of food & beverage menu items as well as information regarding preparation methods.


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Duties and Responsibilities (included but are not limited to):
• Deliver food orders including any special needs or requeststo the guest in-room, check completed kitchen orders with the order taker or guest’s original order; transport itemsto the guestroom in a timely manner to ensure properfood quality
• Greet guests, describe selected items to the guest using interesting, and vivid descriptions of the each item’s, origin, taste, and preparation methods; communicate options for removal of trays and dishware; respond to request for tray removal according to established time standards
• Breakdown, clean and set-up of room service tables, condimentset-ups, flatware, dishware, and room service side stations
• Anticipate guest needs, ascertain satisfaction, and offer suggestions, and respond urgently and appropriately to guest concerns and requests
• Properly and accurately close guest checkssecuring room number and signature; properly settle voided checks or complimentary meals
• Comply with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in the EmployeeHandbook
• Work harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors

Description de l'entreprise

About Four Seasons Whistler:
Work on a team that is built on mutual respect, collaboration, excellent service and a passion for hospitality, food and wine. Four Seasons Resort Whistler is the only Forbes Five Star Resort in all of Canada. Working at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler is an unforgettable way to spend your working holiday in Canada!

Where is Four Seasons Resort Whistler ?
The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler is located in the Upper Village, near the base of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler. Whistler is approximately a 2-hour drive from Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia

Profil requis

What is the Four Seasons Whistler looking for in our employees?
We are looking for hospitality professionals with excellent interpersonal skills, ability to multitask, have a passion for service and people. Flexibility will be needed to work early mornings, weekends and holidays.
You don’t necessarily need past hotel experience, but we want to see you’ll be the right fit for our Four Seasons team and culture !

Position Requirements/Experience:
• This position requires a Serving it Right Certificate which can be completed online at
• Previous experience in Food and Beverage
• Availability required for a minimum of 4 months
• Hotel computer systems
• Fluent English (written, spoken and reading)
• Strong organization skills
• Excellent communicationskills
• Strong commitment to service


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Salaire horaire : 17.60

Pourboire : Avec pourboires


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Fréquence des repas : Pendant le quart de travail seulement

Coût approximative : 0$


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Coût mensuel approximative : 600-700$

Type de chambre : Partagée

Distance entre le logement et le lieu de stage : 0 kms

Informations complémentaires : What do I need for staff housing & what is included? Basic sets of linen are included for each tenant, and all kitchen utensils. It is advised to perhaps bring an extra blanket, and an extra pillow, as everyone only gets one. Is there a deposit I must pay for my housing? Yes, ½ month’s rent is payable up front upon arrival as a damage deposit.

Commodités : Uniform is provided

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Date limite pour postuler : 27 avril 2024

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