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We are seeking a few experienced 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cooks who take pride in what is delivered to our guests.
The Cooks are responsible for supporting the resort's culinary team. The primary duty of the Cook is to prepare high quality food to order for guests based on established guidelines, keep work area clean and organized and conduct his or her self in a positive professional manner.


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Duties include:
• Assume daily responsibilities according to schedule and business needs.
• Preparation of Restaurant, Banquet and any other food requirements.
• Requisitioning of food, beverage and dry goods from the storeroom.
• Check daily food requirements and prepare them accordingly.
• Ensure that refrigerators, freezers, working areas and kitchen are kept clean.
• Ensure that equipment is functioning, sanitized and that any maintenance is reported to Kitchen Management.
• Ensure strict control of waste and portion and help to control food quality and cost using standard recipe methods, pictures and maintain low inventory.
• Must never say no to a guest request without offering an alternative.
• Must comply with requests from departmental managers.
• Attend appropriate meetings.
• On a need bases: sweep, mop, wash down tables and general cleaning to ensure a clean and sanitary work place.
• Other duties as required
• Will assist with the restaurant kitchen as well as the banquet kitchen.

Description de l'entreprise

Located in the south of the Okanagan Valley, on the shores of Osoyoos Lake, the Watermark Beach Resort is a full service luxury resort.
With 153 apartment style condos, our signature restaurant 15 Park Bistro, pool area with bar, meeting space, onsite brewery, spa and other amenities, it has become an iconic destination for those who want to experience the valley.

Profil requis

You will bring:
• Experience in line cooking and fair knowledge of fine dining
• Creativity
• Organization
• Self-motivated
• Proven ability to work well under pressure as a supportive teammate
• Able to remain on your feet for long periods of time.
• Moderate lifting is required with in the kitchen.


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Coût mensuel approximative : 550$

Type de chambre : Partagée

Distance entre le logement et le lieu de stage : 1-3km depending on which one

Informations complémentaires : Osoyoos is located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, in Canada's only desert. We are also in the heart of BC Wine Country. We are also the warmest place in Canada during the summer with Canada's officially warmest lake.

Commodités : Osoyoos is a town with all expected amenities. (Groceries, restaurants, bars, gym, etc)

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Date limite pour postuler : 29 février 2024

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