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Offer an internship

Internships are an integral part of the ITHQ’s academic approach, and are an essential complement to the in-class training students receive.

All ITHQ programs use a work-study format including internships/co-ops with companies in Québec, elsewhere in Canada or abroad. Most are paid positions, involving a minimum of 350 hours, depending on the program.

All internships/co-ops are evaluated by both the supervisor of the host company and by the ITHQ Internships Department staff. Students are free to choose the company where they will undertake this practical training, but they must respect the mandates assigned to them.

For internships in Québec (including unpaid internship)*

*In French only

For internships Outside Québec (Canada and international)

The following ITHQ academic programs include mandatory internships outside Québec during the summer of 2016 (early June to early October):

*Programs also offering winter internships.

These are the general requirements for all programs: 

  • All of our programs have mandatory internships. The students decide where and for which company they wish to work.
  • Depending on their program, students must work for a minimum of 390 hours in their respective field, within the three-, four- or six-month internships.  
  • Insurance: All of our students have liability insurance with the ITHQ.
  • Once you have offered an internship to a student, a work contract is established as well as an internship contract.  The internship contract must be signed by your company and returned to the ITHQ before the internship begins.
  • Students must be evaluated twice during their internship, once at the 200-hour mark and a second time one week prior the end of the internship. The evaluation must be done by the student’s supervisor. The ITHQ Internship Department will provide you with the two different evaluation forms.
  • The students will need accommodations for the entire duration of their internship.
  • J1 Visas (USA): We already have a sponsor for the J1 visas, but we are willing to work with your partner if you have your own.

For additional information on workplace internships, please contact the Internships Department: