Gourmet Restaurant Management

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(French only)

Gourmet Restaurant Management

Code Number of credits Recommendations for undergraduate course selections Prerequisite(s) Session(s)
GOP3205 3
Recommended for Year 2 or 3
GOP2101 F23; F24


Contextualize the gourmet restaurant industry and its structural components with the aim of creating value.


This course will address the concepts of mapping and social ergonomics in gourmet restaurants as well as the culinary identity of the chef and his or her impact on work organization. Students will also learn how to analyze different business models of gourmet restaurants and propose successful strategies to manage these businesses. Work organization in high-end establishments will also be studied using an integrated approach that relates to purchasing, production, distribution, housekeeping, and facility maintenance as well as their different forms in all hospitality industries.

Language of instruction

This course is offered in French.