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Professional image

Professional image

General appearance applicable to all: 

  • Each student must demonstrate impeccable personal hygiene, at all times and in all circumstances. 
  • Body piercings must not be visible. Only earrings worn on the earlobe are authorized (maximum one earring per ear).
  • Tattoos must not be visible. They must therefore always be covered by clothing, whether at the ITHQ or at mandatory external activities related to study programs. 
  • Wearing hairnets and caps or chef’s hats is mandatory in practical workshops involving food preparation. 
  • Makeup and perfume must be worn with discretion. Wearing jewellery is not permitted in practical workshops in which food is prepared. It is, however, permitted in practical workshops for food service and sommelier training, provided it is discreet. 
  • Students must have clean well-groomed hair, at all times and in all circumstances. If hair is dyed, it must conform to professional standards and to the natural colour spectrum. 

Specificities for men:

  • Beards, moustaches and sideburns that are long enough and properly trimmed (with clippers at #4 setting, for a maximum length of 1 cm) are permitted. However, students are not permitted to grow beards, moustaches or sideburns throughout their studies. Finally, wearing a hairnet over the beard is mandatory in workshops involving food preparation. 
  • Men must always have short hair, or wear their hair tied up above the neck. 
  • Wearing nail polish is never permitted. 

Specificities for women: 

  • Students with long hair must tie it up when in professional uniform or in practical workshops. 
  • Wearing nail polish is not permitted in practical workshops involving food preparation. It is, however, permitted in food service and sommelier training workshops, provided the colour is discreet.

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