Tempting beers in all colours


Tempting beers in all colours

Since 2011, the Restaurant de l’Institut and the Paul-Émile-Lévesque teaching restaurant have proudly offered customers three exclusive beers, the results of a project by ITHQ restaurant management students working with the Brasseur de Montréal microbrewery.

La CravaT, the sassy blond
La CravaT, a blond beer with a 5% alcohol content, was the first to bear the ITHQ label. Grain flavours on palate entry lead to broad aromas of hops and a fresh finish with floral notes. Golden, clear, brilliant.

La Brindacier, the red to turn your head
A light amber beer with a 3.8% alcohol content, La Brindacier has smooth top notes with a hint of roasted grains. Its brewing water has the same mineral profile as the water used in England's famous beer-making city of Burton upon Trent. Pure malt, superb balance.

La Trotteuse, the white that’s going places
Brewed from barley and wheat malt, La Trotteuse is an unfiltered white beer that displays classic aromas of coriander and curaçao. With a long and generous palate dominated by slightly sweet hints of yeast and citrus, it has a 5% alcohol content and almost no bitterness.

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