Pascale Beirouti, Superwoman of the Restaurant de l’ITHQ


Pascale Beirouti, Superwoman of the Restaurant de l’ITHQ

You’ve often heard about our executive chef Jonathan Lapierre, who has been a fount of new ideas since he arrived in 2016. While Jonathan oversees the restaurant's main directions, head chef Pascale Beirouti is the hero who brings these ideas to life in the kitchen. We therefore asked our superwoman a few questions so that you can get to know her better!

Pascale does great work and maintains outstanding professionalism. She also really cares about Quebec producers. I’m very lucky to have her on my team! - Jonathan Lapierre, Executive Chef of the Restaurant de l’ITHQ

Where and what did you study?
I took the Restaurant Management program at the ITHQ and I am currently doing a certificate in project management at HEC. 

Where did you work before coming to the Restaurant de l’ITHQ?
I’ve worked at many places, like the Attica in Melbourne, Australia and Les 400 Coups in Montreal.  

What’s one thing you love about your work?
Nothing is ever the same. Working with students and seeing them grow is very rewarding.   

What is your favourite ingredient?
Recently, I’ve loved working with camelina seeds and oil, which are so aromatic!   

What do you do when you’re not working?
I try to hang out as much as I can with my family and boyfriend. We often spend time together over a good meal. 

Finish this sentence: Being a woman leader means…
In Quebec, being a woman is no more difficult than being a man these days!  

What are your favourite restaurants?
Bouillon Bilk and Montréal Plaza are sure bets for me!

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