Local Organic Baskets Week


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Local Organic Baskets Week

Can a restaurant offer delicious dishes made exclusively from products found in local organic baskets, even in the dead of a Quebec winter? This was the challenge that chefs Jonathan Lapierre-Réhayem and Pascale Beirouti had to tackle for “Local Organic Baskets Week” from January 28 to February 1 at the Restaurant de l’ITHQ.

For inspiration, Pascale and Jonathan turned to the expertise of chef John Winter Russell from the restaurant Candide who works exclusively with local products in both summer and winter.

Are you ready to take the local organic challenge with them? 

Local Organic Baskets Week

Tuesday, January 28: 4-hand dinner with Chef Beirouti and Chef Winter Russell

January 29 to February 1: Menu of products from local organic baskets created by the team at the Restaurant de l’ITHQ

Five-course menu $63
Pairing with organic wines + $42

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