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Research unit


Lead researcher

Julie Côté, Director, ExperiSens



Hôtel Monville




Information and communication systems—those linked to room services (restaurant menu, online ordering, etc.) for example—are increasingly part of the hotels ecosystem. These devices invite customers to interact with them in multiple ways. Although they have been in place for many years, the link between these systems and the customer experience has yet to be clarified. 

Therefore, this research intends to discover, through sensory analysis, how the information and communication systems offered in a hotel establishment influence the customers’ experience. In a complementary way, the study also aims to identify the elements of the environment that influence the experience of the users of these tools in the real context of a hotel. 

The results of this research will help inform hoteliers so they may optimize their customers’ experience with more adapted and efficient information and communication systems.

Funding sources

Strengthening College Innovation (SCI) through the College and Community Innovation (CCI) Program – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)


Real-life measurements, sensory analysis, biometrics, behaviour, perception, cognitive psychology, customer experience, hospitality industry, tourism

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