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From $32 per dozen

Your cocktail parties will redefine delicious when featuring an assortment from our wide selection of exquisite hot and cold canapés that are sure to delight your guests.

10 dozen or less: 3 selections, chosen by our chef
11 to 20 dozen: 4 selections, chosen by the client
21 dozen or more: 6 selections, chosen by the client 

Classic canapés: $38 per dozen

Fish and seafood

  • Marinated salmon, blinis, herb aioli, sea lettuce
  • Ricotta-stuffed cabbage with smoked herring, radish, watercress sprout
  • Nordic shrimp beignets, Gorria pepper sour cream


  • Miso and maple glazed suckling pork belly, pressed apple
  • Lamb slider, mustard and marinated onions
  • Smoked duck breast, spiced pear and brioche bread


  • Dauphine potatoes with Gré des Champs cheese, smoked pecans
  • Beets, sea buckthorn, puffed wild rice
  • Sautéed mushroom puff pastry, egg yolk
  • Cauliflower panna cotta, Le Bleu d’Élizabeth cheese, marinated onions

Sweet canapés: $32 per dozen

  • Maple mousseline cream puff with pecans
  • Sea buckthorn tart with maple meringue
  • Mousse with Quebec red berries and sweet clover shortbread
  • Soft Guyaquil chocolate brownie
  • Assortment of French macarons
  • Tarte Tatin

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