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Hotel receptionist

Duties of a hotel receptionist

  • Welcome, inform and answer customers’ questions
  • Make and manage customer reservations
  • Manage customer arrivals and departures
  • Communicate with the teams in place to ensure the cleaning of the rooms

Qualities of a hotel receptionist

  • I enjoy working with the public. 
  • I like helping people. 
  • I have good communication skills.
  • I’m thorough and organized. 
  • I take care of my outward appearance.
  • I am patient and empathetic. 
  • I am bilingual or multilingual. 
  • I’m resourceful and have a good sense of leadership. 

Required experience and training

  • You could work part-time in this type of position during your studies or internships.
  • Training is not a prerequisite for this position. However, the types of training offered by the ITHQ will give you access to better job opportunities and help you progress in your career faster.