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Research at the ITHQ

Sharing knowledge (teaching) and creating knowledge (research) are two inseparable missions for the ITHQ. To advance our practices and meet the needs of an industry that is constantly changing, our school has supported research activities in tourism, hospitality and food service for many years.  

The ITHQ currently has two research units:

Research area: The multisensory customer experience

ExperiSens is a college-level technology transfer centre whose mission is to conduct research and development, technology transfer and consultancy activities in the multisensory customer experience (involving the five senses). It helps companies (particularly SMBs) develop and validate concepts, products, services, strategies and innovative practices that foster their competitiveness and improve their service offers.


  • Technical support
  • Applied research and technological development
  • Information and training


Research areas: Quebec gastronomy

Mission :
A joint initiative of Université Laval and the ITHQ, the GastronomiQc Lab carries out research, training and knowledge transfer activities to support innovation and to raise the profile of Quebec’s gastronomic expertise.

Program :

  • Culinary products, uses and techniques
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Restaurant business management

    Examples of research projects:

    • Independent restaurants in Quebec
    • Food loss and waste in food service
    • Wild northern products