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Offer an internship  

Are you interested in hosting an intern from the ITHQ? Check out the information below to submit an internship offer.   

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What are the benefits of hiring an intern?

There are many advantages to hiring an intern at your company:  

  • Fill needed positions during your peak season 
  • Add new blood to your team 
  • Promote yourself as an employer 
  • Help train the next generation in your activity sector 
What type of students are available for internships?
  • All of the ITHQ’s full-time programs are offered on an alternating work-study (AWS) basis, which means that most of our students must complete compulsory as part of their training.
  • The duration of the internships can vary between 3 to 5 months, depending on the program Fichier pdf (301 KB). 

Below is the list of our AWS programs:   

Vocational programs

Technical programs

University Programs

What requirements do I have to meet to offer an internship?
  • Your business must be located in Canada and have been operating for at least one year. 
  • The internship must take place during the summer and be full-time.  
  • The internship must last at least 12 weeks and include a minimum of 390 work hours. 
  • The intern’s tasks must relate to their field of study (tourism, hospitality, food service, sommelier training, pastry making, customer experience). 
  • The remuneration must be minimum wage or higher. 
  • The internship must comply with the Act respecting labour standards.  
  • The supervisor must be a qualified in the intern’s specific field of study.  

Other terms and conditions may apply depending on the program Fichier pdf (301 KB). 

How does the hiring process work?
  • Fill out the online form to provide the details of the internship.  
  • Your offer will be reviewed by the internship department and posted for 60 days on an electronic bulletin board that can only be accessed by ITHQ students. If you want to extend the posting time of your offer, please contact us at  
  • Students are free to choose the company for their internship and will apply directly to the employer of their choice.  
  • The employer can independently interview and hire the intern.  
  • Once the intern’s hiring is confirmed, the employer must complete and sign an internship agreement. 
What is the purpose of the internship agreement?
  • This document serves as a contract between the three parties: the ITHQ, the employer and the intern.  
  • Signing the internship agreement confirms the placement at the company, the intern’s commitment to fulfilling the duties of the placement, and the employer’s commitment to upholding the terms of the placement. 
What are my responsibilities toward the intern?
  • Uphold the internship agreement 
  • Pay, train and supervise the intern 
  • Contribute to their learning   
  • Ensure that the internship conditions are compliant with the Act respecting labour standards 
  • Evaluate the intern twice: once halfway through and once at the end of the internship. Evaluation forms will be provided to you by the internship department.
Can I get financial assistance to hire an intern?
  • Québec businesses that hire alternating work-study interns can receive a refundable tax credit for the intern’s and supervisor’s salaries.
How can I increase my chances of receiving applications?

Here are some tips to generate interest in your internship offer:  

  • The best time to post your internship is in January and February. This is when students are looking for summer internships.
  • Salary is also a key factor. Since internships are also a summer job for our students, they rely on this income to save for their rent, groceries, program fees, etc. during the rest of the school year. It is therefore important that your salary be as competitive as possible based on what you can afford and in keeping with similar jobs on the market.
  • Don’t hesitate to highlight your business culture. Is your workplace known for its camaraderie and team spirit? Are independence and creativity important values for your team? Mention this in your posting.
  • If your internship environment is outside of Montréal, we recommend that you offer accommodation or help finding accommodation. Provided meals are also a benefit worth mentioning.  
  • When it comes to choosing an internship placement, students consider not just learning opportunities but also the overall experience. Make sure to mention any tourist attractions or interesting activities in the area.
  • Work-life balance is an important value for the younger generation. You could mention that the employee’s work week will never exceed 40 hours (if applicable).  
  • Overall, showcase your assets but be transparent. The goal is not to create false expectations but to find a good match between your needs and those of your intern so that everyone has a positive experience.

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