COVID-19 : fermeture de l’ITHQ jusqu’au 1er mai

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Offer a job

The ITHQ provides tourism, hospitality and food service businesses with a free job posting service directed at current students and graduates. 

Offer a part-time job to a student 

Part-time job offers will be posted on the electronic job board for a maximum of one session starting on their posting date. Students interested in applying will directly contact the employer or individual offering the position. 

Please note that during the school year (fall and winter sessions), only part-time jobs (max. 20 hrs / week) and one-time events will be made available to students so as not to interfere with their studies.

The ITHQ cannot guarantee that students will respond to the job postings that it publishes.

Offer a full-time job

For any additional information, please contact us at 514-282-5111, ext. 4016, or by e-mail at