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Prepare your admission

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(French only)

Prepare your admission

Step 1: Choose your program

Below is some information that will help you understand how the Quebec education system works.

DVS, DCS, BA: What do these mean?

  • The Quebec education system has different levels of schooling: elementary, secondary, college (offered by CEGEPs), university and continuing education.
  • Higher education—also known as post-secondary education—consists of the CEGEP and university systems.
  • The ITHQ offers programs at the following levels: secondary (vocational programs, DVS), CEGEP (technical programs, DCS), university (BA) and continuing education (ACS, AVS).

School calendar

The ITHQ school year is divided into three sessions:

  • Fall (August to December)
  • Winter (January to May)
  • Summer (May to July)

You are now ready to choose your program!

  • Consult the list of  programs offered to international students.
  • Visit the page for each program to find out their respective eligibility criteria and costs.
  • Contact us if you have any questions!

Step 2: Assess your French and English proficiency

  • With some exceptions, the language of instruction for ITHQ programs is French.
  • Depending on the program you choose, you may also need to achieve a certain level of English.
  • Depending on your profile, the ITHQ may ask you to take a French or English language assessment test before you are accepted.
  • To help you determine if you have the required language level for the program you want to take, we invite you to take a language test with the Académie linguistique internationale (ALI), a language school that is an ITHQ partner:
    Once you have taken the test, please contact us at We can provide you with your results and, if necessary, suggest the possible path you can take to reach the required language proficiency for the program you want to take.

Step 3: Prepare your application

  • Once you have chosen your program and your language proficiency has been assessed, you must send the ITHQ a complete application.
  • You can find the list of documents to send to us on the Admission Form page for your chosen program.
  • Candidates under consideration will then be invited to a selection interview done either at the ITHQ or remotely.