Prepare your admission

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(French only)

Prepare your admission

Step 1: Choose your program

Below is some information that will help you understand how the Quebec education system works.

DVS, DCS, BA: What do these mean?

  • The Quebec education system has different levels of schooling: elementary, secondary, college (offered by CEGEPs), university and continuing education.
  • Higher education—also known as post-secondary education—consists of the CEGEP and university systems.
  • The ITHQ offers programs at the following levels: secondary (vocational programs, DVS), CEGEP (technical programs, DCS), university (BA) and continuing education (ACS, AVS).

School calendar

The ITHQ school year is divided into three sessions:

  • Fall (August to December)
  • Winter (January to May)
  • Summer (May to July)

You are now ready to choose your program!

  • Consult the list of  programs offered to international students.
  • Visit the page for each program to find out their respective eligibility criteria and costs.
  • Contact us if you have any questions!

Step 2: Assess your French and English proficiency

Step 3: Prepare your application

  • Once you have chosen your program and your language proficiency has been assessed, you must send the ITHQ a complete application.
  • You can find the list of documents to send to us on the Admission Form page for your chosen program.
  • Candidates under consideration will then be invited to a selection interview done either at the ITHQ or remotely.