Methodology and Research Methods

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(French only)

Methodology and Research Methods

Code Number of credits Recommendations for undergraduate course selections Prerequisite(s) Session(s)
MET2000 3
Intensive 4-week course at the session start
Cannot be taken in the fall following an internship
None F22; F23


Effectively use quantitative and qualitative research tools that are essential to the role of manager while demonstrating intellectual integrity and rigour.


This course will outline the main tools, methods and steps used in the management sciences to perform quantitative and qualitative statistical analyses for all hospitality industries. The course will explore concepts such as sampling, types of variables and measurement scales as well as different statistical techniques.  Progressive assignments will allow students to validate their understanding of different concepts seen in class. Students will also be required to produce a full research report on a market study.  

Language of instruction

This course is offered in French.