Internship 1 – Exploration of a Hospitality Business

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(French only)

Internship 1 – Exploration of a Hospitality Business

Code Number of credits Recommendations for undergraduate course selections Prerequisite(s) Session(s)
STG2100 2
Recommended for Year 1
Have completed 24 credits in the program S23; S24


Acquire practical knowledge of how to manage a hospitality establishment in terms of customer relations and work organization.


In this internship, students will actively work in at least two different departments of the organization. The structure of the student’s duties must include the following aspects:

  • Work organization methods
  • The role of new technologies used
  • Different cross-cutting strategies used from the angle of different departments
  • The quality of delivered services based on customer interactions
  • The physical, material, human, technological and financial resources specific to the company
  • The organizational mechanisms necessary for the company to operate
  • Company-specific issues

Students will be supervised by an instructor/supervisor throughout the entire internship and will be required to produce a final report.

Language of instruction

This course is offered in French and/or English.