Gastronomy and Culinary Cultures

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(French only)

Gastronomy and Culinary Cultures

Code Number of credits Recommendations for undergraduate course selections Prerequisite(s) Session(s)
ACC2205 3
Recommended for Year 2 or 3
None F23; F24


Allow students to develop a social, economic and cultural understanding of gastronomy to better analyze current issues in the development of food offerings while adhering to sustainable development principles and tailoring these offerings to international customers who are looking for a unique gastronomic experience.


This course will address the main sociological and historical concepts related to food as well as key concepts such as that of the eater or the cultural construction of taste. The impacts of massive phenomena that have been pivotal for the gastronomy and hospitality industries, such as globalization, population movements, and the segmentation of food offerings, will also be studied. A number of timely issues, including local and ethical procurement, will also be presented to evaluate how the hospitality industry sources its food.

Language of instruction

This course is offered in French.