Découverte du vin I (Wine Discovery I)

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(French only)

Découverte du vin I (Wine Discovery I)

ITHQ Signature program (ITHQ Diploma)

Admission application periods

  • August 1 to September 15 (for fall admissions)
  • December 1 to January 10 (for winter admissions)

Information session (In French only)

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Introduction to œnology and professional somelier training

This ITHQ Signature program* is one of the very few specialized French-language oenology courses offered in Canada.

Intended for individuals who already have basic knowledge of wines as well as food service and wine industry professionals, the program is a solid introduction to oenology and somelier training. It will show you how to create successful food-and-wine pairings and provide an opportunity to work with experienced teachers.

The relevance and quality of the program opens the doors to an exciting and rewarding career. It allows wine consultants and sales personnel to add more depth to the advice they give customers, and food service professionals will find that it guarantees better quality of service.

The course will teach you the theoretical foundations of professional somelier training. On completing the training, you will have acquired general knowledge of the production, classification, origin, service and storage of French wines. You will also be more knowledgeable about professional wine tasting.

Find out which of our somelier training programs is right for you!

*A prerequisite for Découverte du vin II.

For more information and admission (French only)

NOTE: French is the language of instruction for ITHQ’s programs, with the exception of Wine and Spirit Certificate (English only), Guide touristique de Montréal / Montréal Tourist Guide and Hautes Études en gestion hôtelière internationale / Advanced Studies in International Hotel Management (bilingual: French and English).

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