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If you like being with people, creating relationships, and being a positive force for those around you, the hospitality industry is for you. This applied management program, which is unique in Quebec, will let you access a wide range of positions in sectors such as hotels, food and beverage services, commercial recreational activities, conventions, travel and more broadly in any activity sector built on client services and the customer experience.


All of the management areas below refer to director, manager, administrator, coordinator, supervisor or assistant supervisor positions.

These positions exist in the six industries that have been prioritized by the program; however, many positions are also available in other industries (e.g., retail, health, manufacturing, etc.).

  • Customer experience management
  • Customer relations and partnership management
  • Customer service management
  • User services management (accommodation for the public)
  • Accommodation management
  • Hospitality services management
  • Sales management
  • Operations management
  • Reception desk management
  • Group and individual reception management
  • Customer assistance, user assistance, after-sales service, complaint management
  • Reception management
  • Sales, customer service, luxury products management
  • Corporate training management
  • Business development management
  • Leisure site, attraction, leisure centre, leisure facility management
  • Resort management
  • Residence management (public, educational or commercial sectors)
  • Spa management
  • Restaurant management
  • Convention centre management
  • Banquet management
  • Corporate account management
  • Housekeeping management
  • Airline management
  • Airport management


From the website of the CQRHT

    • Skills for sales and customer service.
    • Teamwork skills.
    • Be independent, dynamic, honest, versatile.
    • Interpersonal, organizational, leadership, and decision-making skills and a sense of initiative.
    • Ability to communicate in multiple languages (at least French and English) and written and oral communication skills in at least French and English.
    • Planning and human resources management skills (team management, conflict resolution, etc.).
    • Ability to perform monetary transactions.
    • Knowledge and application of labour standards and basic health and safety principles.
    • Tolerance for stress and a good memory.
    • Very good knowledge of the main tourist attractions of the local region.
    • Mobility, flexibility, versatility, and availability.


    To learn more about salaries and employment statistics, visit this site that provides labour market information (in French only)


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