ITHQ Signature program (ITHQ diploma)

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(French only)

Analyse sensorielle des vins du monde (Sensory Analysis of Wines from Around the World)

ITHQ Signature program (ITHQ Diploma)

Registration application period (for fall 2018 admission):

  • July 9 to August 31, 2018

Information session (In French only)

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A fresh take on contemporary somelier training

Register for this state-of-the-art program, the ITHQ’s pride and joy!

Unique in North America, this training program will enable you to master wine tasting skills thanks to the ITHQ’s systematic approach, which uses wine chemistry principles and techniques, together with sensory analyses, to make creative food-and-wine pairings with an international flair.

In the ITHQ’s sensory analysis lab, you will learn to identify flavours and to describe, present and analyze wines with exacting skill.

Along with a complete look at the winemaking industry, you will meet renowned wine producers and learn about major commercial trends and laws governing the wine market.

Upon completing this ITHQ Signature program, you will be a recognized and credible expert who can present wines to clients, the public and the media.

For more information and admission (French only)

NOTE: French is the language of instruction for ITHQ’s programs, with the exception of Wine and Spirit Certificate (English only), Guide touristique de Montréal / Montréal Tourist Guide and Hautes Études en gestion hôtelière internationale / Advanced Studies in International Hotel Management (bilingual: French and English).

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