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*** NOTE : This programme is undergoing restructuring. For more information, please contact us.

Your fast track to an international career in hotel management!

Do you dream of working at the world’s grandest hotels? Unique to North America, the Advanced Studies in International Hotel Management (ASIHM) program was created to train future leaders in the high-end hotel industry, a sector that is booming with plenty of job opportunities.

Offered in a bilingual format (French/English), this alternating work-study program lets you fully explore all aspects of hotel operations management. With an educational approach that focuses on practice as well as courses tailored to the industry’s needs, this program will let you develop an ability to innovate, demonstrate a strategic vision, and act as a genuine leader for your team. The skills you build in this program will shape you into an agile and proactive manager who is ready to rise to the top of your field!

When you choose the Advanced Studies in International Hotel Management (ASIHM) program, you:

  • Receive personalized support for your professional goals
  • Get a full year of experience at the best hotels
  • Learn from professors and lecturers who are industry leaders
  • Work with renowned partners
  • Advance your career in Quebec or abroad


  • Develop the skills of a bilingual hotel manager who is mobile, fully functional and ready for the international requirements of the high-end hospitality and food service sectors 
  • Acquire competence in four major areas: 
    • Behavioural and interpersonal skills
    • Leadership within hotel enterprises
    • Operations engineering for hotels and food services
    • Hotel operations management


Advanced Studies in International Hotel Management ITHQ Diploma.


Véronique Borduas, 2016 graduate

I enrolled in the ASIHM program because I wanted the best training that would make me a well-rounded manager, no matter what establishment I worked at. Through this program, I developed my curiosity and analysis skills and explored many management-related fields. This has been very useful in a job like mine that requires you to wear many hats! 

Danny James Perrier, 2017 graduate

Guest Relation Manager
The ITHQ network gives us access to management positions at the world's best hotels starting from our very first internship. For twelve months, we get in-the-field training to apply what we have learned in class and to develop our skills by offering our employers new solutions. Once you get out into the workplace, you can really see how great this program is!

Valeriya Troshyna, 2013 graduate

Housekeeping Supervisor
The practical experience taught me just how capable I am of achieving my objectives. During the two internships, you really have to make every effort to succeed or you'll find yourself giving up when you're only halfway there. You have to manage your time well to succeed. After completing the program, I knew I’d be able to meet the most extreme challenges in my professional career.


Through agreements with many renowned partners, the ITHQ provides the perfect learning environment for students looking for a rewarding job and professional challenges, either close to home or around the world. Explore the world of possibilities that each one offers!

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