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Detailed program outlines

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(French only)

Duration and Schedule

  • Program start date in the fall (September) each year
  • Spread over twenty-six months (four consecutive terms of 8, 6, 6 and 6 months each), in a work-study format
    • Terms 1 and 3: courses held during the day and evening, full time
    • Terms 2 and 4: online courses combined with internships
  • Total of 1,350 course hours and 2 internships of 675 hours each, over 6 months
  • Internship schedules are set by the host hotels


TERM 1 (IN CLASS): Hospitality professions and professional development

TERM 2 (ONLINE) INTERNSHIP 1: Practical skills and personal positioning

TERM 3 (IN CLASS): Hospitality management skills

TERM 4 (ONLINE) INTERNSHIP 2: Senior management, performance and service culture


  • Each course is 45 hours.
  • The ITHQ reserves the right to offer courses in French or English based on instructor availability. Note that approximately 60% of our courses are offered in French and 40% are offered in English. 

Practical Experience

  • Terms 2 and 4: a 6-month internship (675 hours minimum) in each term
  • Various applications in a hotel setting, such as many visits in the industry, meet-ups with managers, management simulations with actual data, etc.

An alternating work-study format is the foundation of the ASIHM program. Students are encouraged to complete their internships at renowned hotels in Canada and overseas. They conduct their own research, taking into account their objectives and place of origin, to find an internship with a hotel chain that will help them get the most out of the experience. To help optimize the personalized internship experience based on the students’ objectives and their acquired knowledge and skills, the ITHQ accompanies them throughout the process.

The search for internships is facilitated in part by the ITHQ Hotel Partnership Program and the ITHQ's many collaborators. This means that outstanding students may complete their internships with major hotel chains such as Relais & Châteaux, Sofitel Hotels, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Accor Hotels and Club Med. On completion of their training, those who have proven themselves in the work environment will also be well positioned to gain admission to the management training programs of these major hotels and pursue their careers there.

To obtain a diploma in any of our regular programs, students must complete internships under established rules. Internship offers and locations may be limited by particular aspects of a student's situation (health condition, family situation, criminal record, etc.) known at the time of registration, but in no case may such conditions be used to justify a waiver of the rules for internships, which must be completed as provided for under the program. Note that you may need a visa, which may limit access to certain destinations.

Note :

  • Internships carried out in Canada are always remunerated.

Dress Code

Students are required to wear the classic attire (French only) of the ITHQ at all times. All students must adhere to certain basic professional image rules.

    NOTE : The information on this page is subject to change.

    Protection of personal information