Valeriya Troshyna (2013)

Valeriya Troshyna (2013)

Housekeeping Supervisor
Hotel Gault, Montréal

My greatest surprise

It was definitely the teamwork aspect. I come from a country with a completely different.educational system. People here come from all corners of the world. Their ways of seeing things aren't always in sync, and you have to learn to work together to find solutions that everyone can stand behind.

My greatest challenge

The two internships. The practical experience taught me just how capable I am of achieving my objectives. You really have to make every effort to succeed or you'll find yourself giving up when you're only halfway there.. You have to manage your time well to succeed.

My greatest satisfaction

I am proud and happy to have acquired all of this knowledge. It really was a rewarding experience! After completing the program, I knew I’d be able to meet the most extreme challenges in my professional career.

How I adapted to this intensive program

Sleepless nights, stress… I experienced a whole range of emotions over the two program years. Support from classmates in the same position, along with perseverance and discipline, really helped me complete my studies.

My internship experience

Internships are an opportunity to immediately apply the theory you've learned, and they helped me find my current position.

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