Rowel Masy (Madagascar)

Rowel Masy Rowel Masy (Madagascar)

Cuisine professionnelle enrichie (Enriched Professional Cuisine)

Why did you decide to study professional cuisine?

I started working in this sector without any previous education. But to achieve my goals in this industry, I needed to learn all of the basics of cooking and then master the fundamental practices of professional cuisine.

What motivated you to study abroad?

I wanted to develop my career in an industrialized country that provides excellent-quality teaching. I also wanted to learn about a different culture and lifestyle while receiving quality training in the culinary arts to improve and fulfill my potential in this field.

Why the ITHQ?

Simply because it is one of the best. And also because it is the most important school of its kind in Canada.

Why did you take the ECP program in particular?

I feel like it was the best choice for my level and for my goals to continue my journey in the restaurant sector. The program itself is essential if you want to learn the basics of contemporary cuisine and all the techniques of the profession. The fact that the program is offered as an alternating work-study was also a factor in my decision. The ITHQ is the only school with a skills-based approach that combines cutting-edge practices with foundational topics.

What did you like most about your program?

I liked the days focused on one type of product, such as grains, fruits and vegetables, or dairy products. However, I thought that the entire program was excellent and interesting. 

What challenges did you have at the ITHQ?

As an international student, it was definitely a challenge to fit in. I had to learn how to make friends and especially how to develop professional relationships. I had to learn how Quebec society works and better understand Quebeckers, because even if they speak French, they use different expressions. You have to give yourself time to adapt and go at your own pace.

What are your professional ambitions?

First, I want to finish my program at the ITHQ and get my diploma. Then, I want to find a good job at a high-end establishment, get even more experience in the restaurant industry, advance in my career, and one day even become a chef! 

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