Remi Cresci (2014)

Remi Crisci (2014)

Group Sales Coordinator/Event Planning at the Marriott Château Champlain (completed the Atlific Hotels Management Training Program)

My greatest surprise

Over the two years I really was pleasantly surprised by the rewarding encounters that I was privileged to have with people in the hotel industry, starting with the professors, who shared their professional experiences and truly conveyed their passion for the hospitality industry. During the program we visited lots of hotels, met with managers, had classroom discussions with stakeholders and attended conferences, not to mention the people we met during the internships. Ultimately, the program provides an opportunity to develop an effective network of professional contacts.

My greatest satisfaction

I'm originally from France, and I chose ASIHM because I wanted to acquire the knowledge and experience I needed for a managerial position in a large hotel as well as discover the North American hotel market. I succeeded in doing exactly that. I was in charge of housekeeping and front desk supervision in a Philadelphia hotel managed by Ocean Properties, and today I have a position managing group sales and events at the Marriott Château Champlain.

ASIHM: the bottom line

I found this program to be an effective springboard to a professional career. The courses are specifically targeted to our industry to provide a solid foundation covering all aspects of hotel management. They don't just teach you how to be good managers, they try to make you tomorrow's leaders. I met influential people who guided my choices and decisions. I developed my know-how and self-management skills, which have driven my ambition and let me set my sights even higher. I had the opportunity to complete two excellent internships with partner hotels where I continue to work.

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