Marco Jesus Perez Cazares

Marco Jesus Perez Cazares (student)

1st internship at Fairmont Manoir Richelieu (Charlevoix)
2nd internship to be determined in 2016

My greatest surprise

I have learned the real meaning of teamwork with short deadlines. In every class we have teamwork to do with different deadlines and different team members. Learning how to organize your time and deal with different personalities while acquiring the basic teamwork skills needed to achieve a common goal is real practical experience.

ASIHM: the bottom line

The ASIHM program allows you to enter the hotel industry faster. Everything you learn in the classroom is truly what you will see and apply in the hotel industry and its environment. Most of the other programs are too theoretical, and sometimes they make you take courses with content that you won’t even use, whereas ASIHM is very practical. I am currently doing my internship as a restaurant supervisor and I can say now that I’m truly applying everything I learned during my first semester.

The professors, most of whom are industry professionals, are a great inspiration, and so is being surrounded by students who are motivated to work in the same industry as I do. The professionalism of the school and word of mouth from graduates have also helped me set my objectives. 

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