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Sylvain Drouin

Sylvain Drouin

An ITHQ graduate in Techniques de gestion hôtelière / Hotel Management Techniques and with a bachelor’s and master’s in operations management from HEC Montréal, Sylvain Drouin wrote his thesis—which earned him an award of excellence—on quality management in Quebec hotels. He also teaches innovation management and distance learning education as he continues to pursue his studies. Mr. Drouin has over fifteen years of experience in the hotel and restaurant sectors in both operations and management in internationally renowned restaurants such as Toqué! and Hôtel Le St-James and has held senior management positions in various restaurants. His experience combined with his graduate work make it easy for him to share his knowledge with students and easily explain the realities of the industry.

Mr. Drouin’s main areas of expertise are quality management, innovation management and supervision in the restaurant sector as well as the housekeeping sector.

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