Marie-Claire Louillet

Marie Claire Louillet

Marie Claire Louillet has an MBA in Hospitality Management from the ESSEC Business School-IMHI in Cergy Pontoise (Paris) and is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Administration at Université de Sherbrooke. Since 2005, she has been teaching ITHQ courses in e-commerce, information management and technologies, and hotel business process management. Her research interests focus on information technologies in particular.

As a hotel management specialist, she spent 10 years working with Hilton International in Paris, London, Montréal and Rome and also managed hotel openings in Puerto Rico and Cuba. She has been a lecturer at McGill University (Montréal) and the Institut de conciergerie internationale (Paris), as well as a guest speaker at the Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero (Acapulco). Her rich and varied career positions her today as an IT performance expert specializing in hotel business processes.

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