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Jean-Thomas Henderson

Jean-Thomas Henderson

As a graduate of the ITHQ–ESG UQAM program who holds a master's in organizational management with a specialization in organizational development and consulting, Jean-Thomas Henderson has expertise in the fields of customer experience, sustainable development, business models, innovation, risk management and entrepreneurship. He is familiar with the realities of both SME and large hotels after spending 20 years in the hospitality industry and founding a company in this sector. A management instructor with the ITHQ–ESG UQAM program, Jean-Thomas Henderson regularly contributes as a researcher and consultant to the ITHQ’s hospitality consulting centre and ExperiSens, the ITHQ’s customer experience research unit. He is also involved with the board of directors of Tourisme durable Québec and occasionally publishes his opinions in the media. As the “head coach” of students who take part in international competitions, Jean-Thomas Henderson says that he learns something every day from the people he mentors.

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