Christina Poudrier

Christina Poudrier (student)

1st internship at Fairmont Mayakoba (Mexique)
2nd internship at Fairmont Pacific Rim (Vancouver)

My greatest satisfaction

What I found most satisfying about the program was my first internship, which fully met my expectations, and the invaluable assistance provided by the internships team to help me get it. I was happy to see that the ITHQ has many famous partners. You do have to work hard to get an internship, but the school helps us get interviews and that is a great advantage.

How I adapted to this intensive program

I found the academic sessions very intense, but the six months passed in no time! I think it's fantastic that you can finish the program in two years when it would normally take three. The internship courses are very interesting because they relate directly to the internship location, making it easier to apply your knowledge in real-world situations.

My internship experience

The internships are the key to success because they let you apply the subject matter from the classroom and better position yourself in the industry. The interesting thing is that you can try out new service areas with the internships, ones you might normally not have tried. It's a good opportunity for someone who's been working the front desk for a long time to try food service or any other sector.

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