Christian Bazatoha

Christian Bazatoha (2013)

Banquet Sales Manager
InterContinental Montréal

The ASIHM program is remarkable for its unusual structure and an exceptional team of professors who have held or still hold management positions within the industry. The intensive nature of the program really put me to the test, but it also made me more disciplined in my work, and while the training was hard at the beginning, I was well supported and soon adjusted to the intense pace. 

I found the knowledge so generously shared by our professors — who, I should mention, have high-level professional careers — to be deeply satisfying. In practical terms, the internships gave me an opportunity to acquire a year of professional experience while still studying, discover the Pennsylvania region, meet new people and, above all, adapt to a culture and work environment that are different from what I know. 

Finally, ASIHM enabled me to find a management position right after completing the program.

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