Why choose the ITHQ?

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Why choose the ITHQ?

When you select the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec, you are choosing an institution that is abreast of major North American and international trends.

Founded in 1968, the ITHQ is the Canadian reference in the field of education specializing in tourism, hospitality, food service and sommelier training. Internationally renowned for the excellence of its programs and of its graduates, the ITHQ enables students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills that can be applied anywhere in the world, in the vein of the finest European and American training establishments.

Choosing excellence!

Discipline, excellence and professionalism: these solid foundations are the pillars of all ITHQ programs. These qualities are also the key to the professional success of the thousands of passionate individuals who have chosen the ITHQ as their academic institution.

As a graduate, you will be sought-after by employers who recognize the quality of our programs and the professionalism of our graduates.

Outstanding training programs that are recognized and in demand

The ITHQ has over 100 expert professors who are abreast of the latest trends in tourism, hospitality, food service, sommelier training and management.

In addition, you will be immersed in the industry right from your first academic term, thanks to the work-study format of our programs, which were designed to meet the needs of the labour market.

Practical training integrated into the learning experience

Our programs include industry-specific internships (usually paid) in Québec, others parts of Canada, or abroad. This gives our students a head start in terms of experience when the time comes for them to begin their professional career.

The ITHQ is one of the rare hotel schools in the world to have two teaching restaurants and one teaching hotel.

The Paul-Émile-Lévesque dining room and the Restaurant de l’Institut serve real patrons, thereby providing students with exceptional real-life experience under the watchful eye of ITHQ professors and staff.

The Hôtel de l’Institut is a teaching hotel that serves as a learning platform for hospitality students. The hotel’s 42 rooms were fully renovated in 2010 and offer the comfort and service expected of a leading academic institution.

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

The ITHQ offers the most advanced environment and technological tools available! A range of culinary, pastry-making, baking, chocolate-making and wine stewardship workshops, computer and language laboratories, an auditorium… the most cutting-edge specialized equipment you could wish for to exercise your chosen career.

The ITHQ also features a sensory analysis laboratory where you will learn to separate and concretely identify the mechanisms of taste, as well as a chemistry laboratory at the Centre d’expertise et de recherche (CER).

The specialized library is one of Canada’s most comprehensive media centres specializing in the fields of tourism, hospitality and food service. Its team of technicians and professionals meet the computer needs of not only professors and students, but also of industry professionals.

On the world stage

Montréal, a North American metropolis with cosmopolitan flair

A veritable cultural hub between Europe and North America, Montréal is a bilingual city with over 17,000 international students who have selected it for the quality of life it offers, its affordability and the warmth of its people!

Excellence without borders

The agreement signed between the ITHQ and Relais & Châteaux Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre. aims to support the training of a highly skilled, elite new generation of tourism and hospitality professionals in Québec and around the world. Relais & Châteaux establishments around the world now host trainees from all of our programs.

Thanks to the reputation and quality of its programs, the ITHQ was accepted as a member of  Hotel Schools of Distinction: a global network Cet hyperlien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre., a highly exclusive organization that brings together the world’s very best hotel schools along with universities that offer advanced hotel management training.

Ready to meet the challenge?

Do you find the field of tourism, hospitality and food service appealing, but aren’t sure which program to choose? To help you make your decision, answer our questionnaire (French only) and find out whether you’re the management or production type.

This questionnaire is intended solely to assist you as you consider your future career. Whatever results you obtain, take advantage of your visit to our website to find out more about our ITHQ Signature programs and be sure to write us if you need more information!


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