Image professionnelle

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(French only)

Professional image

As per the prevailing standards and requirements of the tourism, restaurant and hospitality industry, all ITHQ students must comply with basic professional image rules, which are complementary to the MAPAQ dress code requirements and regulations.  

Dress code

  • All students in regular vocational and technical programs must wear a uniform and professional attire.
  • Business attire is required for students in university programs and part-time continuing education programs.  

General appearance at all times
ITHQ students must adopt a refined professional image. They must maintain good personal hygiene and wear clean clothing that is in good condition and that is the right size (not too tight or too loose). 

For workshops involving contact with clients (at the Hôtel de l’ITHQ, Restaurant de l’ITHQ, La Relève gourmande, etc.) 

  • Long hair must tied be back.
  • Tattoos cannot be visible and must be fully covered with clothing at all times during the workshops. 
  • Earrings are the only permitted body piercing and must be worn in the earlobe (maximum one per ear). Other jewellery is allowed if it is discreet.
  • Discreet nail polish, make-up and perfume are permitted.

Cooking workshops 
Under the MAPAQ’s good hygiene and sanitation practices

  • Long hair must be tied back. 
  • A hairnet and beard net must be worn along with a type of chef’s hat. 
  • Jewellery (including earrings) and nail polish is not permitted. 


Professional image requirements


  • Light amounts of discreet make-up 
  • Clean and nicely styled hair coloured in the natural spectrum 
  • Beard, moustache and sideburns well maintained and trimmed (maximum 1 cm) 
  • No hats, toques or caps (except for chefs hats) allowed during workshops in the kitchen 

Upper body 

  • Shirt tucked inside trousers or skirt
  • Clean hands with nails of an appropriate length and well-maintained nail polish in a classic colour
  • Discreet jewellery that is not flashy


    • Skirt or dress of sufficient length (maximum of 10 cm above the knee)
    • Nylon stockings or tights in a classic colour and without a pattern must be worn with skirts or dresses
    • Belt in a classic colour


      • Classic and elegant closed-toe shoes (no platform heels or flashy metal trim) 
      • Heels no higher than 8.5 cm 
      • Clean and polished shoes; sneakers are not permitted 
      • Socks in a classic colour (black, grey or navy)